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                                                   Value of the Funeral

Acknowledges that a life has been lived ~ Allows mourners to remember and honor their loved one in a special way ~ Serves as a central gathering place for family and friends to give emotional and physical support to one another ~ Provides closure for the bereaved ~ Initiates the grieving process ~ Confirms the reality and finality of the death ~ Encourages mourners to face the pain of their loss and express their thoughts and feelings ~ Helps survivors to better cope with their grief and enables them to move forward with their lives.

We offer unique opportunities for families to create healing moments after loss. Our experience, coupled with our perspective on the importance of ceremony, will help you discover ways to pay tribute. Whether traditional or unique, these tributes allow us to love, laugh, and live well again.

Values of a Meaningful Ceremony.....

Creating a meaningful ceremony when death occurs, can help with physical, emotional, and religious changes that take place in life. The death of someone we love will disconnect us from the environment around us. Being involved in a meaningful funeral ceremony can ease the pain of separation that will naturally come with death. It is a time of sharing good memories, and experiences with friends and family.


The Undertaker.....

The midnight hour, the darkest hour that human grief may know, sends forth its hurried summons, asks me to come, I go.

I know not when the bell may toll, I know not where the bow may fall, I only know that I must go in answer to the call.

Perhaps a friend, perhaps unknown, tis fate that turns the wheel, the tangled skein of human life winds slowly on the reel.

And I?  I'm the undertaker, "cold-blooded" you'll hear them say, "Trained to the shock and chill of death, with a heart that's cold and grey".

Trained, that's what they call it, how little they know the rest, I'm human, and know the sorrow that throbs in the aching breast.
                                                                                             Author Unknown

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